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about us

"The roots of the loco moco is a composite... a hawaiian composite. "

- Jack Wallace

Why the name MOCO LOCO?

When we decided to open a composites business on Maui. We were looking for a Hawaiian name, one that reflects the Aloha of the Islands and is also tied to the type of work we do. You see, fiberglass work is the use of 2 or more materials to join them in complimentary ways. It's a composite. Well, a Loco Moco, a Hawaiian breakfast is also a composite. Its a Hawaiian composite.  Made with more than one item that compliment each other. My intent was to name the company, Loco Moco, but I mixed up the words, like a mixed up Loco Moco and It became Moco Loco, and I thought "Ha,  this works for me!"


Our Founder

Moco Loco's founder Jack Wallace has been working with structural composites in the wind industry since the early 2000's. His experience with wind turbine blades tends easily to extreme canoe repairs and modifications. The plans for Moco Loco is to build a community based business that can support Maui water sports with quality dependable repairs and new products. Wallace has started repairing outrigger canoes in 2015. Like in the wind industry, He is mobile and can repair on site.


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